[][src]Struct pbrt::materials::hair::HairBSDF

pub struct HairBSDF {
    pub h: Float,
    pub gamma_o: Float,
    pub eta: Float,
    pub sigma_a: Spectrum,
    pub beta_m: Float,
    pub beta_n: Float,
    pub v: [Float; 4],
    pub s: Float,
    pub sin_2k_alpha: [Float; 3],
    pub cos_2k_alpha: [Float; 3],
    pub sc_opt: Option<Spectrum>,


h: Floatgamma_o: Floateta: Floatsigma_a: Spectrumbeta_m: Floatbeta_n: Floatv: [Float; 4]s: Floatsin_2k_alpha: [Float; 3]cos_2k_alpha: [Float; 3]sc_opt: Option<Spectrum>


impl HairBSDF[src]

pub fn new(
    h: Float,
    eta: Float,
    sigma_a: Spectrum,
    beta_m: Float,
    beta_n: Float,
    alpha: Float,
    sc_opt: Option<Spectrum>
) -> Self

pub fn compute_ap_pdf(&self, cos_theta_o: Float) -> [Float; 4][src]

pub fn sigma_a_from_concentration(ce: Float, cp: Float) -> Spectrum[src]

pub fn sigma_a_from_reflectance(c: Spectrum, beta_n: Float) -> Spectrum[src]

pub fn f(&self, wo: &Vector3f, wi: &Vector3f) -> Spectrum[src]

pub fn sample_f(
    wo: &Vector3f,
    wi: &mut Vector3f,
    sample: &Point2f,
    pdf: &mut Float,
    _sampled_type: &mut u8
) -> Spectrum

pub fn pdf(&self, wo: &Vector3f, wi: &Vector3f) -> Float[src]

pub fn get_type(&self) -> u8[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for HairBSDF[src]

impl Copy for HairBSDF[src]

impl Default for HairBSDF[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for HairBSDF

impl Send for HairBSDF

impl Sync for HairBSDF

impl Unpin for HairBSDF

impl UnwindSafe for HairBSDF

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