[][src]Struct pbrt::integrators::volpath::VolPathIntegrator

pub struct VolPathIntegrator {
    pub camera: Arc<Camera>,
    pub sampler: Box<Sampler>,
    pub pixel_bounds: Bounds2i,
    pub max_depth: u32,
    pub rr_threshold: Float,
    pub light_sample_strategy: String,
    pub light_distribution: Option<Arc<LightDistribution>>,

Accounts for scattering and attenuation from participating media as well as scattering from surfaces - uses the render loop of a SamplerIntegrator


camera: Arc<Camera>sampler: Box<Sampler>pixel_bounds: Bounds2imax_depth: u32rr_threshold: Floatlight_sample_strategy: Stringlight_distribution: Option<Arc<LightDistribution>>


impl VolPathIntegrator[src]

pub fn new(
    max_depth: u32,
    camera: Arc<Camera>,
    sampler: Box<Sampler>,
    pixel_bounds: Bounds2i,
    rr_threshold: Float,
    light_sample_strategy: String
) -> Self

pub fn preprocess(&mut self, scene: &Scene)[src]

pub fn li(
    r: &mut Ray,
    scene: &Scene,
    sampler: &mut Sampler,
    _depth: i32
) -> Spectrum

pub fn get_camera(&self) -> Arc<Camera>[src]

pub fn get_sampler(&self) -> &Sampler[src]

pub fn get_pixel_bounds(&self) -> Bounds2i[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for VolPathIntegrator

impl Send for VolPathIntegrator

impl Sync for VolPathIntegrator

impl Unpin for VolPathIntegrator

impl !UnwindSafe for VolPathIntegrator

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