[][src]Trait pbrt::core::integrator::SamplerIntegrator

pub trait SamplerIntegrator {
    fn preprocess(
        &mut self,
        scene: &Scene,
        sampler: &mut Box<dyn Sampler + Send + Sync>
fn li(
        ray: &mut Ray,
        scene: &Scene,
        sampler: &mut Box<dyn Sampler + Send + Sync>,
        depth: i32
    ) -> Spectrum;
fn get_pixel_bounds(&self) -> Bounds2i; }

Required Methods

Returns the incident radiance at the origin of a given ray. Uses the scene's intersect routine to calculate a SurfaceInteraction and spawns rays if necessary.


impl SamplerIntegrator for AOIntegrator

impl SamplerIntegrator for DirectLightingIntegrator

impl SamplerIntegrator for PathIntegrator