[][src]Struct pbrt::core::film::Film

pub struct Film {
    pub full_resolution: Point2i,
    pub diagonal: Float,
    pub filter: Box<Filter>,
    pub filename: String,
    pub cropped_pixel_bounds: Bounds2i,
    pub pixels: RwLock<Vec<Pixel>>,
    // some fields omitted


full_resolution: Point2i

The overall resolution of the image in pixels

diagonal: Float

The length of the diagonal of the film's physical area (specified in mm, stored in meters)

filter: Box<Filter>

A filter function

filename: String

The filename of the output image

cropped_pixel_bounds: Bounds2i

A crop window that may specify a subset of the image to render

pixels: RwLock<Vec<Pixel>>


impl Film[src]

pub fn new(
    resolution: Point2i,
    crop_window: Bounds2f,
    filter: Box<Filter>,
    diagonal: Float,
    filename: String,
    scale: Float,
    max_sample_luminance: Float
) -> Self

pub fn create(params: &ParamSet, filter: Box<Filter>) -> Arc<Film>[src]

pub fn get_cropped_pixel_bounds(&self) -> Bounds2i[src]

pub fn get_sample_bounds(&self) -> Bounds2i[src]

pub fn get_physical_extent(&self) -> Bounds2f[src]

pub fn get_film_tile(&self, sample_bounds: &Bounds2i) -> FilmTile<'_>[src]

pub fn merge_film_tile(&self, tile: &FilmTile<'_>)[src]

pub fn set_image(&self, img: &[Spectrum])[src]

pub fn add_splat(&self, p: Point2f, v: &Spectrum)[src]

pub fn write_image(&self, splat_scale: Float)[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Film

impl Send for Film

impl Sync for Film

impl Unpin for Film

impl UnwindSafe for Film

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