Cover image for the first edition

Fairly complex outdoor scene with many plants and trees, illuminated by an environment map. This scene was used for the cover image for the first edition of Physically Based Rendering.

Cover image for the first edition of the PBRT book.

Because rs_pbrt isn't 100% compatible to the C++ counter part (yet) I collect .pbrt scene files in a separate repository on GitLab. Have a look for this particular scene at the Wiki there. If you just want to download the scene and render the image yourself you can use this download link.

The image above was rendered using slightly different settings:

> grep Integrator ecosys.pbrt
Integrator "path"
> grep pixelsamples ecosys.pbrt
        "integer pixelsamples" [ 512 ] 

So I used uni-directional path tracing with 512 pixel samples to get a cleaner picture.