The Book

Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation, Third Edition, is available as Hardcover or eBook from Morgan Kaufmann or Amazon. The Web site for this book is located at www.pbrt.org and since October 2018 the full text is available for free in an online edition.

The Software


The C++ source code described in the book is available from github.


This web page is called rs-pbrt to indicate that the C++ source code was translated to a new programming language called Rust. The source code of the Rust version is available from GitHub or Codeberg.


The Rust source code is documented here.

Getting Started

Please read this blog entry to get started with rs-pbrt.

This Web Page

This web page is maintained by Jan Douglas Bert Walter (see imprint) with the help of a Rust-based static site generator called Zola. Questions?

Email: rs-pbrt [at] posteo [.] de